Carnie and Queers

Multi camera live event

Surf Lifeguard 2019

One of the most exciting and challenging projects of 2019, 4 Surf Lifeguard promotional clips


Fruity is an experimental project to see how close you can transform people into fruit

Whoopi Cakes

This was an ongoing project, shooting ads for cinema, web design and logo building


This was an editing, colour grading and graphics job, all done in Autodesk Smoke

RWC 2011

Taking care of the massive task of editing the inserts to go into the live event on the night


Short Film, More info coming soon


We were on the Spartacus project for 3 years as a visual effects operator

ACG Colleges 2019

This is one of three videos for

ACG colleges in Auckland. 

Shot over one day

Haunts Japan 2019

Haunts 2019. This is a news style doco series, visiting the most haunted locations in Japan

Utilities Disputes

Utilities Disputes. A pleasure to have a project like this. Great people and results


Working on stage video clips and also helped out on the 1998 Mexico live video

Haunted New Zealand 

Web. Follow a paranormal investigation team to the most haunted locations in NewZealand

Asylum Paintball 2019

Short Promotional ads for paintball involves safety and high speed camera

LG Thumbzilla

A big project for LG. We worked on all the invisible visual effects and graphics animations

Podge and Rodge

An oldie but proud to work on the first 2 seasons with Podge and Rodge in A scare at bedtime

Dustin the turkey

One of the early music videos for this Eurovision star. Editing and visual effects